Tactical/Trauma Civilian Medical Response Training – TECC

Tactical/Trauma Civilian Medical Response Training – TECC – for care in Violent or Catastrophic Incidents 

Extreme emergency events such as natural disasters and active violence events such as mass attacks require a tactical approach.  Be prepared to respond and render aid in the event of disasters or attack!

KSI is recognized training provider with TECC & Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. 

Students who take our Civilian Tactical Med Course receive 2 Certificates:

  1. Certificate of Completion in KSI Academy’s Tactical Trauma Civilian Response Course

  2. Certification in “Stop the Bleed” by the American College of Surgeons


Students will learn how to respond and stay in control to render aide to self and others in severe conditions.
Triage and how to move or seek cover & concealment under fire/attack.

The concepts of basic triage and traumatic wound care:

  • Tourniquet

  • Wound Pack

  • Chest Seal

  • Airway


** This is a great “next level” course for those wishing to train in Basic Tactical Medical care and how to respond in an extreme situation.