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Situational Awareness For Employees

Learn To Spot Trouble Before It Happens

Observe Body Language    Interpret Behavior   
Recognize Pre Threat Indicators   Avoid Denial   Make Timely Decisions

This presentation based program is a game changer and should be part of everyone's safety program.

SAFE takes situational Awareness to the next level.

Learn to understand body language

Pick up on environmental cues

Recognize pre-incident indicators.

The SAFE program was developed by USMC Officer Yousef Badou who helped develop the Marine "Combat Hunter Program"

The SAFE Situational Awareness Program teaches the student to live

"Left Of Bang" in a comfortable state of awareness, fortified with the knowledge and assessment ability to help prevent and avoid violence.

Smart Situational Awareness Can Help Prevent Violence


Medical Facilities

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Corporate Offices

House Of Worship

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