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AVERT - Active Violence Emergency Response Training

Teaches you what to do before help arrives.

Evade - Escape - Defend  

AVERT covers threat recognition to try to prevent active attack violence

Basic firearm identification and recognition

Lockdown - Evacuation - Disarming attacker

AVERT covers bleed control to treat traumatic wounds

Tourinquet Application & Wound Packing

Blk Wht Active shoot graphic.jpeg

Active Shooter Statistics

Many Active Shooter Incidents

  • Have warning signs/pre threat indicators

  • Are carried out by Single Attacker

  • Handguns

  • Most shooters are male


aCTIVE sHOOT sUIT Gun.jpeg

Place of Business

Majority of Active Shooter incidents occur at a place of business.

gun in bookbag.jpeg

School Shootings

The second most prevalent place for Active Shooting incidents are at schools.

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