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Smart Self Defense

Personal Self Defense always starts with good situational awareness and developing a practice of threat recognition and avoidance.

Not being there in the first place is the best tactic for self defense.

Developing the proper mindset

around self protection is also extremely important. 

Deescalation and conflict resolution are good practice but do not always prevent or stop violence, we must know what to do next or at the very least have some options.

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American Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a system of Close Quarter Tactics developed in the early 1900's by founder Imi Lichtenfeld.  Krav Maga combines gross motor movement with techniques from martial arts, wrestling, judo & boxing to form a basic self defense foundation that anyone can learn. 

Krav Maga teaches how to improvise and adapt as well as overcoming the paralyzing effects of the onset of violence. 

The system of Krav Maga is used in Israel today by both the Military & Civilian population.

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Self Defense In The Workplace?

A Basic Self Defense program is absolutely appropriate in a workplace environment.

Proactive management who aim to protect and empower their workforce can make Self Defense a part of..

Company Safety & Awareness Initiative

Wellness Program

Team Building 

Workplace Violence Mitigation

Our programs can be both hands on interactive

or presentation - demonstration based.

Individual and group safety is paramount and students are encouraged to participate at their desired level.

In addition to physical tactics and force multiplier techniques, we teach the mindset of awareness, avoidance and escape wherever possible.

Physical techniques are always a last resort.

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