Modern Combatives

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Modern Combatives For Self Protection - Self-Defense That Anyone Can Learn! KSI Academy Self Defense offers Classes & Workshops in "Modern Combatives" Based on WWI & WWII Close Quarter Combat as well as Modern Mixed Martial Arts. ​ This Curriculum is focused on realistic and practical techniques coupled with intense drills and stress simulation. Modern Combatives is as real as it can get in training for personal self protection! Private Training - Group Training ~ Family Training ~ Organizational & Corporate Training Some Areas of Study Counter Violence Techniques Relate to Modern Threats Weapons Defense Multiple Attackers Close Quarter Simulation Scenario & Role Play Simple Fierce & Effective Techniques can be learned by anyone! ​ Get a Group together and we will come to your location or book our studio! DON’T PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER THE DAY YOU NEED IT MAY COME SOONER THAN LATER!

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James Keenan

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