James Keeenan
Owner/Lead Instructor

I started this training business out of pure necessity.  A few years back when I had my Security Business I wanted my guards and protectors trained.  We started seeking outside trainers to certify our staff in Basic Life Saving - CPR & First Aid.  We ran into problems trying to get everyone scheduled around work shifts and busy lifestyles.  I solved our problem by becoming certified to teach CPR & First AID.   I found I had a passion for teaching others how to respond to emergencies and counter bad situations.

Our training and instructor certifications expanded and we branched out to begin training members of the community both private and corporate.  Our programs have expanded as well to include Tactical Medical Skills, Self Defense, Counter Violence in the Workpkace, Situational Awareness & more. 

  The rest is as they say history!

James Keenan