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Training & Consulting


We teach people how to deal with violence through prevention, recognition, and hands-on training.

There has never been a more critical need in planning to both prevent and respond to active violence than right now.

Active Violence Emergency Response Training
combines active shooter/attack response with stop-the-bleed training.



  • Situational Awareness

  • Learn Warning Signs

  • Pre incident Indicators

  • Be a Hard Target

  • Communicate

  • See Something Say Something

  • Take Protective Action


  • Signs of Violence

  • Types of weapons

  • Methods of attack

  • Common traits

  • Common Methods

  • Listen to Instinct

  • Avoid Denial


  • Learn what to do

  • Escape

  • Evade

  • Defend

  • Distract

  • Lockdown

  • Barricade

  • Treat Wounded

  • When help arrives

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KSI Shield helps people and organizations become "Hard Targets"

Our training programs are focused on responding to real-world threats and countering violence in the workplace and the community.

We began training a small security team to be proactive and improve the resilience of the individual as well as the team.

Our passion for training and teaching grew as we began to see the empowerment and team focus toward the goal of safety and self-protection.

The mission expanded to training organizations and business entities as well as individuals in the community. 

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"I have to admit I was a little skeptical if this class would be of benefit to me. I’m not the most athletic person. Well I have to say Jim and Tim proved me wrong. I am now a lot more confident in my ability to protect myself." 

-Eileen H., Real Estate Agent

"The Active Shooter training was an eye opener!  I was a bit apprehensive before taking the AVERT class but I have to say it was some of the best training I have ever experienced. There were so many things I did not know and now I feel better about what I could do in such a horrible situation!"

-Chloe C., College Student

"KSI Safety Academy really cares about the way people learn & they take the time to explain why your safety & safety of others is so important. They are wonderful people & it really shows in they way they teach."

-Dina N. Assisted Living Facility Manager

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