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Empowerment   Resilience   Confidence

Create A Culture of Safety Through Training & Awareness

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets
Your People



Active Violence Emergency Response Training.

Active Shooter Training with Bleed Control.

This training is a must for everyone in and out of the workplace. 

AVERT teaches options from the onset of the incident.

AVERT is a methodical and extremely practical training format teaching the concepts of


 You will learn to be your own first responder in a bad situation.


Our Self Defense Program  begins with Awareness - Avoidance and Deescalation  to deal with potential violence.

Our program instills a keen sense of situational awareness to help make good decisions. 

If all else fails the "Hands-on" methods we teach as a last resort can be learned by anyone. 

We teach Krav Maga & Close Quarter Combative techniques to help  you become a hard target. We instill a proper mindset and empower you to protect and defend against violent encounters.



Situational Awareness For Everyone

Takes the practice of good situational awareness to the next level. 

This is a presentation based program which teaches the end user to understand and read environmental cues as well as interpret body language.  SAFE's goal is to help one see trouble before it happens, accept the situation at hand and make an informed and timely decision to react quickly and hopefully avoid the threat altogether. 


KSI Safety & Self Defense helps people and organizations become "Hard Targets"

Our training programs are focused on responding to real world threats and countering violence in the workplace and the community.

We began training a small security team to be proactive and improve the resilience of the individual as well as the team.

Our passion for training and teaching grew as we began to see the empowerment  and team focus toward the goal of safety and self protection.

The mission expanded to training organizations and business entities as well as individuals in the community. 


I have to admit I was a little skeptical if this class would be of benefit to me. I’m not the most athletic person. Well I have to say Jim and Tim proved me wrong. I am now a lot more confident in my ability to protect myself. Thank you Eileen”

Real Estate Agent

Eileen H.

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